2010 Roadkiller Awards

The people have spoken! Yes, the tradition of democracy is alive with the Roadkillers. We recently voted on our favorite races and best performances of 2010 - and the results are in! Without further ado, here’s our choices for the best of 2010.

(note: we’ve listed the top three vote-getters, and the % of the vote they received)

Male Race Performance of the Year:
1. Jim Masters, 1:27:49 at the OUC Half-Marathon. Did we mention Jim is 58 years old? (58%)
2. Jeremy Davidson, 2:54:43 at the Jacksonville Bank Marathon (23%)
3. Jim Masters, 18:24 at the Run Around the Pines 5K (15%)

Female Race Performance of the Year:
1. Cija Werblo, 3:15:40 at the Jacksonville Bank Marathon (61%)
T2. Cija Werblo, 1:04:04 - 1st place female at the Paul DeBruyn 15K (15%)
T2. Lady Roadkillers, 27:33:50 in the Ragnar Relay (15%)

Masters Runner of the Year:
1. Jim Masters (46%)
2. Daniel McCarthy (23%)
3. Mike Baron (15%)

Male Runner of the Year:
1. Daniel McCarthy (38%)
2. Jeremy Davidson (23%)
3. Bob Darrow (15%)

Female Runner of the Year:
1. Cija Werblo (61%)
2. April Darrow (23%)
3. Karen Norton (15%)

Roadkiller Rookie of the Year:
1. Cija Werblo (61%)
2. Mike Magner (38%)

Best 5K Race:
1. Run for Africa 5K, Winter Springs (33%)
T2. Seasons 52 Park Avenue 5.2 K, Winter Park (16%)
T2. House of Hope Run Around the Pines 5K, Winter Park (16%)

Best Middle Distance Race:
1. Thanksgiving 10-miler, DeLand (38%)
T2. Miracle MIles 15K, Orlando (23%)
T2. U Can Finish 5-miler, Orlando (23%)

Best Long Distance Race:
1. Boston Marathon, Boston, Mass. (30%)
T2. Paul DeBruyn 30K & 15K, New Smyrna Beach (23%)
T2. Jacksonville Bank Marathon & Half-Marathon, Jacksonville (23%)

Favorite Roadkiller Training Run:
T1. Tuesday Night at Seminole Wekiva Trail in Lake Mary (30%)
T1. Thursday Night at The Hills in DeLand (30%)
T1. Saturday Morning Long Runs (30%)

It's Time for the Lake Run

Mark your running calender: Saturday, Oct. 24.

In the early hours of the morning, the Lake Monroe Roadkillers will embark on their namesake training event: a 24-mile run through Deltona and Sanford, all the way around
Lake Monroe. Several runners are in the peak of their training schedules for the Space Coast Marathon (Nov. 29), Jacksonville Marathon (Dec. 20), Walt Disney World Marathon (Jan. 10) or the Houston Marathon (Jan. 17). The Lake Run will be a major test of marathon fitness, for those planning to run 26.2 this winter.

Read more about the Lake Run
here. Good luck to our runners - and special thanks to those who'll help by driving the support vehicle. (Yes, we have a support vehicle and provide our own water stops for this run. We're not completely crazy!!)

Fall Running Season is Here

With the arrival of Labor Day, the selection of Jason "Half Empty" Van Meter as our new club President, shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures, the fall running season has arrived.

For several Roadkillers, this means marathon training time! The Space Coast Marathon, Jacksonville Marathon, Houston Marathon and the Walt Disney World Marathon have all been targeted by our runners for winter races. Long runs are getting longer and miles are adding up for the hearty souls who will attempt these races in the next few months. No word yet on a date for the
Lake Run, however...

If you're like Michael "T Dog" Scures or Shawn (still awaiting official nickname) Barkley, you'll avoid running marathons like, well, most reasonable people. But don't think we'll let you off the hook that easy. Browse our
calendar of local running events and you'll find nearly 30 races between now and the end of the year. Many of these races count toward the prestigious Track Shack Grand Prix Series, which has also been a staple of the Roadkillers' fall running schedule.

See you the roads!

Hottest Run = Best Run?

According to Bob "Skippy" Darrow, last Thursday's training run in Lake Mary registered as the hottest run EVER. It was officially noted in the Roadkiller annals after being recorded off the temperature display on Bob's dashboard. Now, where are those annals, again?

Seriously, it was 93 degrees at the start as five intrepid Roadkillers set out on Thursday's usual
eight-mile loop. For the "varsity" runners, represented by "Young" Daniel McCarthy and Jeremy Davidson, a tempo run was on the schedule so a tempo run it was. Maybe it was the 6:05 mile spilts before the water stop, but somehow these two managed to complete the course in under 55 minutes. The hottest run of the year turned out to be one of the best training runs of the year. Go figure. Our take is that Daniel is peaking, big time, in this weather while Jeremy's hanging on, trying not to hospitalize himself again. Quite a combination. Now we just need Craig, Danny, Tom or Chris to return and tear our legs off.

Coming up... several Roadkillers are planning to race in the
Jim Payne Blue Ribbon 5K run, May 16 in Sanford, FL. This is an evening race with a 6:00 p.m. start time. Here's hoping the recent hot weather training pays off. ... A return to the Hill Course in DeLand is overdue, so look for the Roadkillers to tackle this course on an upcoming Thursday evening, instead of the Lake Mary loop. Most likely after the May 16 5K. And yes, we will be having Pizza afterwards!